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Whale watching cruise

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I spy with my little eye… Every year between December and May, humpback whales return to Hawaii. The warm water is perfect shelter for their newborn calves to grow. Spot these majestic creatures as well as dolphins, turtles, and more all in their natural habitat!

Tour price
  • 34 ft USD 375.00
  • 43 ft USD 495.00 +$75 / pass over 6
Inclusion onboard restroom
complimentary boat beverages
boogie boards
snorkeling equipment and instruction, USCG licensed Captain offering hands on snorkeling instruction.Cruise
  • 34 ft boat 1-6 persons
  • 43 ft boat 1-12 persons
Vessel Capacity Private Sail
34' Sailing Yacht 1-6 $395
43' Sailing Yacht 1-12 $495 + $75/ pass over 6
Sailing Times Sail time Departure Return
Morning 3 hrs 8:00am 11:00am
Afternoon 3 hrs 11:00am 14:00pm
3 hrs 14:00pm 17:00pm
Sunset 3 hrs 17:00am 20:00pm