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About us

Alo→presence + Ha→breath = “the presence of breath”

Aloha: Not just a greeting, but also a way of life. Treating others with love and respect, sending and receiving positive energy, this is the spirit of Aloha Charter.

Whether a resident or visitor, our goal is to demonstrate aloha in every sail through safety, customer service, and community service. Each captain is handpicked, trained, and experienced to ensure the safety of you and our staff. We take pleasure in our flexibility, personal interaction, and customer satisfaction.

The ocean is a gift that gives us life. We give back by donating a portion of our profits to a local marine foundation. Check our blog for updates!

Aloha Charter

We have hand selected each one of our captains to make your experience a truly fun, safe and memorable one. Each captain is licensed by the United States Coast Guard. They have the skills to handle your boat confidently and keep your guests safe. We choose our captains with the criteria that they must be exceptionally friendly and kind, as well as enjoy taking people out for a special occasion on the water.

Duke has lived here in Hawaii for the last 25 years. From sailing to fishing, Duke loves and is knowledgeable about anything involved with the ocean. Your experienced, adventurous, personable guide can answer any questions you may have.

Ikumi Watanabe has lived in Hawaii for the last ten years. She is fluent in Japanese and English and able to assist anyone in either language. Sailing, golfing, and surfing are some of her favorite hobbies. Sail with Ikumi!

Esther Kim, a local girl born and raised in Honolulu, graduated from Moanalua High School. She is bilingual in English and Korean and enjoys yoga, hiking, and exploring new beaches. If you have any questions in English, Korean, or about this island in general, feel free to Contact her!