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Exhilarating sailing in crystal blue waters of Waikiki. Whale watching, dolphins, sometimes wild sea turtles appear. Waikiki, while the Diamond Head received the nature of the wind, new experience in Hawaii of the sea! From a pleasurable Day Cruise to a romantic sunset cruise, we are be flexible to help according to customer requirements.

Featured Tours

Morning Cruise

Start your day beautifully!

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Afternoon Cruise

Not a morning person?

Afternoon Cruise image

Sunset Cruise

For you, hopeless romantic...

Sunset Cruise image

Fireworks cruise

Friday Night Lights!

Fireworks cruise image

Snorkel Cruise

A “Honu” world!

Snorkel Cruise image

Fishing cruise

Passion for fishing?

Fishing cruise image

Whale watching cruise

I spy with my little eye…

Whale watching cruise image

Catamaran Cruise

Lets party!

Catamaran Cruise image